About Interhub Packaging

Interhub Packaging is a company that specialises in providing packaging and consumables for our customers. At Interhub we have a combined experience of over 36 years in the industry. We bring together industry knowledge, key personnel and strategic partnerships with our key suppliers.

With these three pillars we believe we have positioned ourselves to kick start our relationship with our customers. This starts with a packaging audit, followed by a detailed analysis and solutions recommended.

At Interhub our customer’s competitiveness in the market place is paramount. Thus, we will continuously monitor technological change, consumer demand, supplier demand, compliance and regulatory changes.

We believe our partnership will deliver and enable you to focus on your core business and profitable sales growth.


Our vision is to add value, innovate and improve the packaging performance for our customers.


Our mission is to build solid relationships with our suppliers and together we will evaluate, challenge current processes, innovate and consolidate to deliver a streamlined and effective packaging system for our customers.